Swedish brothers TOMMI and KARRI RINNE insist they wrote the music for hit song YOU RAISE ME UP which topped the UK singles chart after being recorded by Irish boyband WESTLIFE - but they haven't received any credit.

Tommi and Karri, who were born in Finland, allege their song RAKASTAKAA, which they recorded ten years ago (85) in a Swedish record studio, has been stolen from them.

The Rinne brothers claim they gave their recording to the Peer Music studio manager who said he would enter it in a Eurovision Song Contest preliminary competition - but they heard nothing more about their track until they heard US singer Josh Groban's recording of You Raise Me Up two years ago (03).

Tommi says, "I was in complete shock. I called my brother and we went to buy a copy. We could sing our original Finnish lyrics over the same tune. It was obviously the same song."

Norwegian composer ROLF LOVLAND and Irish songwriter BRENDAN GRAHAM are credited with creating the song which has been recorded by Groban, Daniel O'Donnell and now Westlife.

Tommi adds, "We are furious and want to get credit where credit is due."