Josh Duhamel worries about raising his son in Los Angeles.

The 'Safe Haven' actor has a seven-month-old baby boy, Axl, with his Black Eyed Peas star wife Fergie, and doesn't want him or any of their future children to grow up with a sense of entitlement because they have famous parents.

The 41-year-old star told the HuffPost Live: ''Growing up in LA, I don't want to raise a kid who feels entitled to anything. I want him to understand the importance of working hard and getting an education.''

He jokingly added: ''I just don't want to have to bail him out of jail! That's my main goal. Just stay out of jail. Dads, keep your girls off the poles and keep your boys out of jail.''

Fergie and Axl temporarily relocated to Austin, Texas, in February while the actor was filming his upcoming movie 'Lost in the Sun'.

He said at the time: ''She's here with me now. She's staying with me. We've got a house and the whole thing. We're one happy family in Austin, Texas.''

The couple initially had a strict rule about not being apart for more than two weeks but Josh admitted they don't need the rule any more because he wants to be with his family all the time.

He said: ''I can't stay away from my boy for that long, or her.''