Josh Duhamel has praised his wife Fergie for how ''gracefully'' she is handling her pregnancy.

The Black Eyed Peas singer is heavily pregnant with her first child with the 'Scenic Route' actor and Josh thinks she looks more beautiful than ever.

He told Us Weekly: ''I'm mostly impressed with how gracefully . . . I mean she's just been awesome throughout this whole thing. She's taken really good care of herself, she's happy, she's in great spirits, she looks beautiful and I'm just really proud of her more than anything. And I'm really excited to meet this little dude. I can't wait.

''There is a lot of anticipation going on at the Duhamel household right now. It's pretty exciting.

Josh, 40, has also taken some time off to be with 38-year-old Fergie in the final weeks of her pregnancy.

He said: ''Right now it's baby time, so I'm going to be home. Then I've got a bunch of projects that are in development that we're producing with my company, which I'm really excited about. So it's going to give me some time to be home for that.''