Josh Brolin says he's ''completely done'' with drinking.

The 'Gangster Squad' actor is embarrassed by his alcohol-fuelled antics on Friday (01.11.13) and has vowed to lay off the booze in future.

This comes after a video of the 45-year-old star involved in a brawl with a bouncer was published on TMZ, followed by footage of Josh yelling abuse at a cab driver after allegedly rear-ending his vehicle at a fast food drive-thru a few hours earlier.

Asked by a TMZ photographer how his Sunday (03.11.13) evening was, Josh quipped: ''Beautiful. Much better than a couple of nights ago.''

The actor - who was heading into the gym at the time - was then probed as to whether he had given up alcohol in the wake of his wild weekend.

Josh replied: ''Absolutely. It won't be happening again. That's it. Completely done.''

The drama kicked off at a Los Angeles Del Taco drive-thru in the early hours of Friday morning, when Josh took offence to a taxi driver claiming he had scratched his vehicle, and was repeatedly heard shouting, ''You suck as a cab driver!''

He then headed to O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica, where he reportedly flipped out when he was told the venue was closing for the night and began throwing punches at a security guard.

However, the pair soon made up and shared a hug before Josh was sent home in a taxi.

The 'Labor Day' actor was previously arrested for public intoxication in the early hours of January 1, 2013. He paid $250 bail and did not have to appear in court, as he was not given a citation for the arrest.