Josh Brolin has revealed that he landed his Men in Black 3 ] role because he once performed a drunken impression of Tommy Lee Jones in a bar. According to Press Association's story today (May 25, 2012), Josh was once in a bar with the movie's producer Barry Sonnenfeld and the Coen Brothers, when he drunkenly demonstrated his impression of the veteran actor.
Josh explained his thought process, when that call came through from Barry by saying "Barry was like, 'Hey, Brolin! You want to be in Men In Black? It's fun!' And I was like, 'Yeah, I love Men In Black. But as what? Like, Agent Q or Agent Whatever?' And Barry said, 'No, to play young Tommy! Remember, you did that impression for me?'" He went on to explain "There's one thing about being out at a bar with Barry and doing stupid impressions of Tommy Lee Jones with the Coens, and then there's another thing where somebody's telling you to do a movie that's going to be screening all over the planet." Still, Barry remained convinced that it was going to work and the 'No Country For Old Men' star found himself on the set of Men In Black 3, playing the young Agent K.
Talking of that fateful drunken night, the thing that director Sonnenfeld remembers most fondly is thinking "oh my God, this man is the only person on the planet that has a head as physically as huge as Tommy Lee Jones."