Actor Josh Brolin lightened the mood in between takes on brooding new drama NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN by staging barbecue cook-offs and karaoke sessions in a local New Mexico lesbian bar. The Planet Terror star realised the film's villain, Javier Bardem, was allowing his menacing psycho killer character to get to him and decided to become his own personal entertainment coach. Brolin explains, "Javier was getting a little depressed because of the character and I would have none of that. So we ended up having a lot of fun, a lot of barbecues, a lot of fires. "I think we stole somebody's fence at a certain point because we ran out of firewood. Me, Javier and Woody (Harrelson) would go down to this great lesbian bar, The Cowgirl Cafe, and we'd go have drinks, make fun of Javier's hair and sing karaoke. "I sang Johnny Cash, but I did it with a lisp. Javier sang U2. "We met Bono the other day - he went to the screening at the New York Film Festival - and I said to Javier, `Do the U2,' and he said, `No way, I'm not gonna sing for Bono. You must be crazy.'"