Actor Josh Brolin tried to keep the injuries he sustained in a motorbike accident a secret from filmmakers JOEL and Ethan Coen - because he feared he wouldn't be able to work with them otherwise. Brolin broke his collarbone after flying over the handlebars of his bike in a collision with a car in Los Angeles in May 2006. And the actor was so worried his physical condition would jeopardise his role in No Country For Old Men, he decided to keep his physical condition to himself - until his lawyer got involved. Brolin says, "I didn't say anything to anybody for a week until my lawyer said I had to, that I was liable. I was under the impression that you grit through it and if nobody knows, that's better. "So I told Ethan I had a hairline fracture. But it was a clean, absolute break. I'm asking the doctors if I should have an operation. But there was the risk of an infection and no movie. It's the Coen brothers! "I'm trying to decide all this on four grams of morphine." In the end, Brolin started filming the movie two weeks after the accident.