Actor Josh Brolin turned down several big-money offers after his starring role in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - because he wanted to play the part of George W Bush.
Brolin was flooded with requests to appear in blockbuster movies after he thrilled audiences in the Coen brothers classic earlier this year (08).
But he snubbed them all - because he was keen to play the outgoing U.S. president in Oliver Stone's biopic W.
Director Stone tells USA Today newspaper, "Josh is truly a theatre-born type actor. He doesn't look like it, feel like it. People think he's just the son of Jim Brolin.
"He's truly one of the best young American actors. He was offered big movies after No Country - I know a few of the stories - and he turned them down. Money galore. He turned them down for this (W), and he didn't get paid (much) for this.
"And he did it. And he did it knowing he was going to play somebody who is very unpopular. That is commitment."
Brolin also admits he has the luxury of not worrying about money - because he makes a fortune from his other business interests such as real estate.
He says, "I was making my money other ways, so I could say 'No', and the minute I started doing that, within six months, once I created a hole, it started to be filled with incredible opportunities. I mean, really incredible opportunities."