Hollywood couple Josh Brolin and Diane Lane have learned to keep their domestic spats under wraps after neighbours called the police when one of their fights seemed ugly. The actor admits he and Lane were both embarrassed when the authorities arrived at their home in 2004. Brolin was arrested for suspicion of battery but no charges were filed. And the Planet Terror star insists it was all a huge misunderstanding. He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "It was the most misconstrued, awful thing... If you call the copes somebody has to go to jail. "But what happened to being able to have a fight and screaming and doing your thing, especially since the kids weren't there, and then have make-up sex, and wake up and laugh about it? "It was really, really embarrassing when it happened. And we're both like, `That's a bummer.'" Brolin now fears he's been tagged as a violent husband: "It'll always be out there as people saying, `Watch out for Josh!'"