Josephine Skriver has urged women to get measured properly for their bras.

The Victoria's Secret Angel was on hand to unveil the new Body by Victoria range at Victoria's Secret Fifth Avenue store in New York City this week and highlighting the importance of getting correctly fitted lingerie, she herself was ''shocked'' to discover that her bra measurements were different to what they were three years ago as her breasts had changed size.

Talking to ELLE US, she said: ''I got fitted three years ago and assumed that was my size and forgot that as a woman, your size changes whether you're working out or it's that time of the month. I had this idea of what my bra size was, and I didn't even care but when I got measured at VS the other day, it completely shocked me that I was a totally different size.

''Every time my mom comes to New York, I get her fitted for a new bra and it's a new size every time, and I always thought these people don't know what they're doing but no, it's just us women going through body changes.

''I would say make sure you have different sizes at home and if you find a bra you really like, stock up because you don't want to wear one every day because you'll run them out. Get sized every six months because, even me, who's supposed to know what I'm doing, didn't know how important it is to get sized.''

The Danish catwalk star first walked in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013 and since she began working for the company she has taken lingerie much more seriously.

Josephine - who is in a relationship with American musician Alexander DeLeon - always wears matching sets now because great underwear makes her feel more ''confident''.

Josephine, 25, said: ''I feel like I walk around a little bit more comfortable and confident when I'm matching, even if I'm wearing something as chill as sweats. Like hey, I may be wearing sweats, but I have on a sexy little red outfit underneath it all that you guys don't know about - it's my own little secret. If I go out on the town and my panties and bra aren't matching, I won't be dancing quite as good.''