Josephine Skriver wants to be a superhero.

The 24-year-old model admits it has always been a ''dream'' of hers to portray a super-powered person in a Marvel or DC Comics movie and if the call came in with the right opportunity then she would swap the runway for the big screen ''in a heartbeat''.

Speaking to #legend magazine's March issue - of which she is the cover star- the Danish beauty said: ''If Marvel or DC ever called and asked if I wanted to be a superhero, I would say yes in a heartbeat! That's always been a dream of mine.''

Away from sharing her acting ambitions, Skriver also opened up to the magazine about her regular beauty regime, insisting she relies on ''simple tricks'' to maintain a healthy glow to her skin.

She shares: ''The very simple tricks are: drink a ton of water - nothing works wonders like water! Wash your pillow often so you don't sleep on bacteria. Also wash your make-up brushes. Just keep your life clean! It helps the skin a lot.''

Skriver has walked in the annual Victoria's Secret show every year since 2013 and was given the elite status of being a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2016.

She is very proud to work with the lingerie and sportswear brand because their mission statement is about ''being a powerful woman''.

Skriver said: ''As an Angel, you get put on the world map. You are on the biggest platform - and it's really up to the individual model on what to do with that platform ... I want to help others, inspire others and shine a light on issues that are important to me. That's what being a Victoria's Secret Angel is all about. It's about being a powerful woman and about inspiring the next generation of powerful women.''