Biker movie flop TORQUE was doomed to fail because first-time director Joseph Kahn didn't know what he was doing, according to one of his stars FAIZON LOVE.

The heavyweight MADE star, who played SONNY alongside Ice Cube in the film, insists the Britney Spears video director was inept, and blames him for the movie's scathing reviews.

He says, "I show up and he says, 'I want you to look like a gangbanger.' A gangbanger, bitch?

"He was this dude from Texas, a Japanese guy from Texas, who had directed some videos. That's the first thing he tells me: 'I directed a Scarface video.' Who gives a f***.

"Video directors don't know shots, they don't know storylines, they don't know s***. All they know is 'Vroom, Bentleys, a**, cut.... Bentleys, a**, cut.'

"I'm from the streets, I know what n**gas look like."

12/04/2004 13:22