An action hero on a push bike? Sounds pretty implausible, huh? Well, Joseph Gordon-Levitt 's latest movie Premium Rush has dumbfounded all the cycle-hero naysayers and turned out to be a remarkably enjoyable action movie. Not only that, but Joseph himself seems to be doing a neat job of transforming himself from child actor (he starred in Third Rock From the Sun), to a grown-up movie star (Christopher Nolan loves him, he starred in Dark Knight Rises and Inception) without suffering any of the pitfalls associated with that transition.
In fact, Jg-L has even achieved the unthinkable: he has changed a movie critic's mind about him! Reviewing the movie for Time magazine, Richard Corliss wrote "So appealing is Gordon-Levitt that, for great stretches of his new movie, I suspended my disapproval of his character and just went with the nonstop flow." Roger Ebert was equally complimentary, saying "But under the direction of David Koepp. this is an expert and spellbinding adventure. I'm very weary of routine chase movies. There's nothing routine about Premium Rush. Any action formula can be brought to life with enough imagination and energy."
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was looking suitably pleased with himself at last night's New York premiere for Premium Rush. He was flanked by his stunning co-stars, Jamie Chung and Dania Ramirez, though so it's hardly surprising the guy had a smile on his face.