Joseph Gordon-Levitt was flung through the rear window of a taxicab when a cycling stunt he was involved in went awry whilst he was speeding through real traffic. Levitt was filming a scene from his new movie Premium Rush, in which he plays a New York bike messenger.
The actor was speaking to about the incident, that he describe as the worst on-set injury he has sustained to date, when he insisted the crash could "have been a lot worse." The Dark Knight Rises star also said that thanks to his quick reflexes he managed to avoid any real damage, saying he " got [his] elbows up; all the boxing training came in handy. Otherwise who knows what would've happened to my face."
The crash resulted in Levitt requiring 31 stitches on an impressively sized gash down his arm, but thankfully he did not attain any other injuries in the crash. The film's writer/director David Koepp was filming the stunt on his iPhone at the time and managed to catch the whole accident on film. The filmmaker has since decided that he will include the footage from his phone over the end credits of Premium Rush so that fans can see for themselves just how lucky Joseph was.