Joseph Gordon-Levitt tries to be open-minded when it comes to love.

The 'Don Jon' actor - who recently confessed he thinks his co-star Scarlett Johansson's sex appeal is ''off the charts'' - avoids adhering to a checklist of characteristics that he looks for in the perfect partner, and thinks real romance is better than anything depicted in a movie.

The 32-year-old star told 'Take Part Live': ''(Checklists) are doomed because you're guaranteed to not be paying attention to the actual person. No person is going to fit into a quantified list.

''But look, I'm not gonna say that I'm completely guiltless in this. We all have our lists.''

The heartthrob also thinks people should avoid comparing their relationships to those in films.

He said: ''Jon, the character I play, is constantly comparing his love and sex life to pornography. And Scarlett, her character, is constantly comparing her love life to these romantic Hollywood movies, and so if you're constantly comparing your real life to stuff you've seen on the screen, you're always going to be disappointed, because real life is not as simple as that.''

He added: ''I think real life is a lot more beautiful. And look, I love movies, but even the best movie can never be the same as real life.''

The former '3rd Rock from the Sun' star values his privacy and recently said he will never address rumours he is gay.

He told Out magazine: ''That would be really tacky - they would win if I had to clarify.''