Friends of DAN GORDON-LEVITT, the brother of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who died this week, have begun paying their tributes to the Venice Beach entertainer. Known as 'Burning Dan' to those who knew him, Gordon-Levitt worked as a fire spinner and flow arts teacher in California, and his brother Joseph was the first to pay tribute, saying "My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010", on his Twitter page on 5th October 2010.
Many of the 36-year-old's friends have begun paying their own respects. Sean Driskel, a fellow attendee of the Flow Temple Arts School, told People Magazine, "He did amazing things with fire and anyone who saw him would come away believing that they could do it too". Going on to speak about Dan's relationship with his brother Driskel said, "Those two adored each other. Joe is like a smaller version of Dan". John Routson, a former student of Gordon-Levitt said, "All of a sudden, the world seems a bit less bright".
Although recent reports have suggested the cause of death was a drug overdose, no official comment has been made. A coroner spokesman said that while the autopsy has been completed, the results of a toxicology test are not yet known.