Oscar-winning composer Joseph Brooks snubbed his children in his will and instead left his fortune to his personal trainer, according to a U.S. report.
The songwriter, who penned hit track You Light Up My Life, was found dead at his New York home last month (May11) and his death was subsequently ruled a suicide.
It has now emerged the 73 year old, who was awaiting trial on a series of sexual assault allegations, failed to make provisions in his will for his daughters Amanda and Gabrielle or his sons Jeffrey and Nicholas Brooks, who is currently behind bars after pleading not guilty to allegations he killed his girlfriend last year (10).
Details of Brooks' will have been published by the New York Post, with suggestions he snubbed his four kids and left up to $250,000 (£156,250) to personal trainer Danielle Radosti, 30.
An unnamed friend of Brooks tells the publication the composer also gave many of his trophies to Radosti before his death, saying, "Danielle was very close to him... I looked at her, and thought, 'Wow! This was pretty much this whole guy's life and he gave it to this girl who trains him?'"