Joseph Brooks, the Oscar-winning composer who penned the hit ballad 'You Light Up My Life', has been found dead in his New York apartment. Joseph Brooks, who was awaiting trial for rape, was found with a plastic dry cleaning bag over his head near a hose attached to a tank of helium gas, reports the New York Daily News.
Authorities say Brooks was found by his lunch date, who discovered the composer slumped over his couch in his unlocked apartment at 130 E 63rd St. His neighbour, the 51-year-old artist Jack Stone said, "He was facing serious charges and had nothing to live for. I'd have done the same thing". In a three page suicide note, Brooks said he would have been exonerated of rape but complained of his failing health and about a woman who allegedly abused him and took his money. Back in 2009, the songwriter sued his 22-year-old ex-fiance Joaly Gomez claiming he had spent $2 million on her before discovering she was already married. Brooks, who scooped the Academy Award for 'Best Original Song' in 1987, was awaiting trial on 82 counts of sex crimes. His neighbour Stone claimed, "I'd see beautiful women leaving his apartment and say.I'm better looking than him!"
Joseph Brooks' son Nicholas Brooks is currently awaiting trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, the swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay who was found dead at the Soho House boutique hotel last year.