Singer Joseph Arthur has been reunited with his beloved van, weeks after it was mistakenly sold off at auction.
The star's 2003 Dodge Ram, which contained music equipment, paintings, and personal items inside, was towed from a New York City repair garage in July (12) after Arthur failed to pay $361 (£226) in parking tickets due to a miscommunication, and it was subsequently sold off at auction by city officials.
The musician recently tracked down the vehicle, which was purchased for $1,000 (£625), and this week (03Sep12) he coughed up a whopping $5,500 (£3,438) to its new owner in order to reclaim it.
The 40 year old is well aware he was scammed by the high price, but he is just glad to have his belongings back, telling the New York Daily News, "Yeah, we got gouged. But I'm happy to have it back. It's really nice to have my art and my things, you know what I mean? It's back at my place now. I'm so relieved."