Singer Joseph Arthur premiered a new song about the loss of his beloved van at a gig in New York City this week (beg27Aug12) as he fights to reclaim the vehicle.
The star's 2003 Dodge Ram was towed from the garage where it was being repaired last month (26Jul12) after Arthur failed to pay $361 (£226) in parking tickets and it was subsequently sold off at auction by city officials.
He has now tracked down the man who bought the van and is in negotiations to get it back, telling the New York Daily News, "It feels a bit like a hostage situation... I'm keeping my chin up. Hopefully I won't get raked too bad."
Arthur played a gig at the City Winery in New York on Monday (27Aug12) with former R.E.M. star Peter Buck, and he gave fans a preview of a new song he wrote about his vehicle troubles.
The track, titled Where Is My Van?, features the lyrics, "Come on man, where is my van?... I ain't blaming no New York cop. I ain't blaming my ma or my pop. I just don't want it ever to stop and I'll keep going 'til I drop... Where is my van? I need it back, my mobile home."