OSCAR nominee Jorge Drexler is upset with Academy Awards boss GIL CATES for keeping him out of the big show.

The Uruguayan songwriter penned nominated Best Song AL OTRO LADO DEL RIO for The Motorcycle Diaries, but wasn't invited to perform the song at the ceremony in Hollywood last night (27FEB05).

Instead Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana collaborated on the song.

And bitter Drexler has hit out at Oscars producer Cates for not only ignoring him when organising the event, but then refusing to return his phone calls.

Drexler says, "It grieves me. I understand that this is a television show and it has its own standards, but I gauge my actions by a different measure.

"I have no concept of ratings or marketing, and the people who make those decisions speak a different language than I do."

28/02/2005 06:02