Singer Jordin Sparks will ring in 2009 at a reality-TV wedding - when a fellow American Idol contestant who named Sparks her bridesmaid ties the knot.
Gina Glocksen, who sang in the show's sixth season won by Sparks, will wed Joe Ruzicka, a high school science teacher from her native Illinois, on Wednesday (31Dec08) night.
Glocksen tells the New York Post, "At the tour (American Idols Live! 2007). I asked all the girls (to be bridesmaids.
"Jordin and (finalist) Haley (Scarnato) carried through with it, the others took gigs. New Year's Eve is one day you can't ask a performer to take off."
Glocksen, 24, and Sparks, 19, are expected to sing at the wedding.