Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK singer Jordan Knight has abruptly quit VH1 celebrity reality show The Surreal Life: THE FAME GAME. The latest version of the show, which is currently being filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, reunites past Surreal Life housemates who compete for $100,000 (GBP59,000). An inside source tells the New York Daily News Knight began to "lose it" at the trademark Surreal Life dorm house and "wanted off the show". The source added, "He called everyone and told them he was just finished. He didn't say why. His brother (and former bandmate) JONATHAN came to pick him up." Sources have speculated that Knight may have left the show after having panic attacks. Both Knight brothers have previously suffered from panic attacks and appeared together on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW in 2001 to talk about the condition. A representative for the singer claims he left the show due to a death in the family and has returned to Boston, Massachusetts. Knight has been replaced on the show by Verne Troyer, who played MINI-ME in the Austin Powers movies. Troyer joins the rest of the cast including, Brigitte Nielsen, Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Emmanuel Lewis and host Robin Leach.