British musician Jools Holland has called for homeowners to step up their efforts to go green - insisting his fans should wear old clothes and share baths.
The former Squeeze pianist joined stars including fashion designer Vivienne Westwood at a garden party at British royal Charles, Prince of Wales' residence Clarence House on Tuesday (07Sep10).
The event - dubbed Garden Party to Make a Difference - is aimed at promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and Holland is adamant recycling clothes and preserving bath water is the best way to go green.
He tells Sky News, "I think often when people discuss the issues it tends to be a bit gloomy and 'end of the world', whereas this (event) is a bit more fun. I think this is a bit like Sgt. Pepper or a Beatles film - there's a lot of odd things going on here.
"Instead of buying a new, fashionable jacket, wear grandad's old one and you will find it's more fashionable anyway. Sharing baths is the other thing that I'm particularly keen on. So I will be doing that with a lot of people here today!"