Review of One Long Song EP (21/11/2005 Everybody Records) EP by Jont

One Long Song EP
(21/11/2005 Everybody Records).

Jont One Long Song EP (21/11/2005 Everybody Records) EP

This roving six track jaunt into a tender musical haven features calming and laid back summery acoustic laden gifts, proffered by a polished and thoughtful tunesmith. JONT grabs the sound, thoughts and the vocals of Wilco and Tom McCrae, then he swirls them around robustly in a philosophical blender. The comfortable accompaniment to 'You Can Be The Stars' complements a soothing narrative and some piercing insight that is conveyed via the vocals.

Listening to this six track simmering relaxant gives you the impression that life is like a train journey to JONT, as he makes observations about life itself as it passes by. 'Caught Out In The Rain' casts a veil of bleakness over matters, featuring a pelting piano element to paint the picture early on, before sullen vocals kick in to complete a tale of woe.

Should political insight be your dish of the day; then it is napkins out time in;'We Are The Grapefruit'. A trundling accompaniment paves the way for some authoritative philosophising about human nature;

"I am a grapefruit trying to breakthrough.
Oh, I will be forgot, so take me while I'm fresh.
And nothing means a lot, but I got this one sweet thing to give;
It's driving me crazy so come on and take me."

JONT has produced a well thought mini collection of mind massaging music that will bring contentment and soul searching to a speaker near you.

David Adair

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