JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS would ''never say never'' to a return to 'Mission: Impossible'.

The 39-year-old actor really enjoyed working with Tom Cruise on the movie franchise and wouldn't hesitate to return to his character of Declan Gormley.

Speaking to reporters at the screening of 'London Town' during the 2016 BFI London Film Festival, he said: ''I like Tom. He's a really, really nice man and a really hard worker.

''Actually, I've been in the industry 24 years and I doubt I've met anyone who works as hard as Tom Cruise. Nobody has approached me, but I'd never say never. I had a great experience with Tom on 'Mission: Impossible III' and so I recommend any actor do a 'Mission: Impossible'. They're a lot of fun.''

Meanwhile, Jeremy Renner previously revealed he would be up for starring in another 'Mission: Impossible' movie, reprising his role as IMF Field Operations Director William Brandt.

When asked if he would be keen to return to the series, he said: ''I know they're talking about coming round again and my answer is always 'yes.'''

Whilst on set, Jeremy learned some unique skills - like how to build and dismantle a bomb.

He said: ''For a year I had to learn how to build and dismantle a bomb with guys who are really good at what they do ...

''We have to learn to become experts at something in a very short amount of time. And these are all things that can hurt you or hurt other people, so by doing it and and educating myself I've certainly no fear of it. And it's really impressive to be around people that are really good at what they do.''