Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the acclaimed Irish actor who was hospitalized on Tuesday (28th June 2011) suffered a relapse but did not attempt suicide, according to People Magazine. Meyers was found "slumped" at his Maida Vale home in central London, with early reports suggesting he had attempted to take his own life with a concoction of pills.
A source close to the actor confirmed he relapsed into his old drinking habits, despite making progress in recent months. The 'Tudors' star has been in and out of rehabilitation since 2005 and was arrested for abusive behaviour at Dublin Airport in 2007. He allegedly punched a Charles De Gaulle airport lounge employee while drunk in 2009 and was briefly detained by French police. A source at the time said, "He just really wants to get better. This has been an on-going battle for him". Meyers reportedly refused the help of medical staff at his home on Tuesday before finally being admitted to hospital for his own safety. Dr David Sack of Promises Treatment Centre explained, "The fact that Rhys Meyers was trying to send away the ambulance suggests he didn't recognize the seriousness of the problem and that he was still hoping to conceal it. If on reflection he decides to re-engage in treatment, his prognosis could be very good".
A talented actor who has also featured in high profile modelling campaigns for Hugo Boss, Jonathan Rhys Meyers earned a Golden Globe in 2006 for his portrayal of Elvis Presley in the biographical miniseries 'Elvis'.