Jonathan Lipnicki, the American actor and former child star who appeared in the hit movie 'Jerry Maguire', is set to make his Hollywood return after being cast in the forthcoming film 'For The Love of Money', reports Access Hollywood.
Lipnicki was only five years old when he played the younger son of Renee Zellweger's character in the 1996 romantic comedy, and he recently spoke about his time working with Tom Cruise and Zellweger, saying, "They were both just awesome to work with. I'm just so thankful that was my first experience working was with such a great cast". The movie became widely acclaimed, winning six ACADEMY AWARD nominations, and making Lipnicki a household name. He went on to star in 'Stuart Little' and 'Like Mike', but says his childhood was grounded, adding, "I went to public school - went to prom, did homecoming, everything".
In 'For The Love of Money', Lipnicki plays an Israeli man named 'Yoni', and the movie tells the story of a real estate developer who forms bonds with Jewish gangsters, the film also stars James Caan and Edward Furlong. Lipnicki was recently mocked on the animated comedy show 'Family Guy' for his drastic change of appearance since his 'Jerry Maguire' days, however, he laughed off the joke, saying on his Twitter page, "It was all in good fun, i've worked on that show B4".