LATEST: Paedophile Jonathan King launched into an astonishing outburst on live TV yesterday (29MAR05) following his release from prison - by saying he feels persecuted "exactly like Michael Jackson".

The disgraced pop mogul - who discovered bands like Genesis and 10CC - served less than half of his seven-year jail sentence for four indecent assaults and two serious sexual offences on boys aged 14 and 15.

Following King's release from Maidstone Prison in Kent, England, he was interviewed on UK show FIVE NEWS, during which he claimed he was vulnerable as a result of being "extremely handsome" and "stunningly talented".

King's actions pushed two of his victims to attempt suicide.

He told the programme, "They wanted to go with me, and I was an extremely attractive man. In fact, I still am.

"None of them were children, none of them were young, none of them were forced to do anything, they all did something that they wanted to do. The law was in place and I knew I was breaking it, and I did, knowingly and conscientiously.

"However, I am not guilty of the convictions against me. I am not guilty of ever going with anyone who didn't want to go with me and I am not guilty of going with children.

"I used my position as a celebrity. I was famous, I was extremely handsome, I was stunningly talented in every possible way and that makes me very attractive.

"I feel exactly like Michael Jackson in that he is innocent, and I know that will read very badly with you, with the media, because it's a much better story if he's guilty, and believe it or not a lot of people would actually say he is guilty until he can prove himself innocent."

30/03/2005 13:49