Paedophile Jonathan King was ambushed yesterday (30MAR05) by a man who claims he was abused by the British music mogul when he was just 15-years-old.

The unnamed man, now 50, grabbed King's hand in a hotel foyer and refused to let him go until he'd described the mental anguish he's suffered since King and others in a paedophile ring allegedly abused him during the 1970s.

King - who was recently released on parole halfway through a seven-year jail term for molesting teenage boys - has threatened criminal proceedings against anyone else who harasses him.

The alleged victim says, "He's never shown any remorse for what he did to me or to his other victims. In fact, he has used his evil website to mock us.

"I'm appalled the parole board have seen fit to grant him early release. This is a man who has not changed one iota. I've been through hell and back because of what he did to me."

31/03/2005 14:09