JB Gill's son loves to brag about his newborn baby sister.

The 31-year-old former JLS star and his wife of four years, Chloe, 29, welcomed their daughter Chiara into the world at the end of July and their three-year-old son Ace just loves his little sister and can't stop telling everyone about her and is instinctively protective of her too.

In an interview with HELLO! magazine, JB said: ''He's been amazing, he's so proud to tell everyone, 'This is my sister,' and he wants to involve Chiara in everything, like story time and bath time. He's a typical boisterous boy, but he instinctively knew he had to be gentle with her and he talks to her really softly.''

Although Ace has bonded with his little sister, Chloe admits that there have been moments where he struggled to share his parents with Chiara.

She said: ''He fixes her with this intense look that's like, 'You've got a new family now,' which makes it sound like we just found her somewhere and brought her home, but it's very sweet. The only meltdown was when he had to go home after meeting Chiara for the first time. Because I'd had such a traumatic experience when Ace was born I didn't want J to leave my side. So he stayed overnight at the hospital and mum and dad took Ace home. But he was sobbing as he left, saying 'I want to be with my family,' he actually cried himself to sleep with a picture of J, him and me, which broke our hearts.''

Chloe was nervous about her second birth as she endured a 40-hour labour with Ace and was forced to undergo an emergency Caesarean to deliver him.

She then came down with an infection and also had an adverse reaction to her antibiotics, so this time round Chloe opted for a planned C-section over the natural birth she favoured.

She said: ''It was such a calm experience and it was definitely the right decision.''