KORN singer Jonathan Davis has been sued by a former business associate for breach of contract after announcing plans for a museum of American serial killers.

ARTHUR ROSENBLATT, a collector of criminal artifacts, sued Davis, a former mortuary science student, and his associates, for approximately $4 million (GBP2.2 million) in a 12-count lawsuit filed in LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT on Tuesday (22JUN04), relating to a failed attempt to open a museum.

In the suit, Rosenblatt says Davis approached him in June 2001 about his collection of "Americana", which included a VOLKSWAGEN once owned by serial killer TED BUNDY.

Rosenblatt told Davis of his plan to open a museum of artifacts related to the criminal Justice system and Davis said he wanted to participate, offering $250,000 (GBP138,800) to fund the museum, which Rosenblatt suggested be named the MUSEUM OF JUSTICE + ODDITORIUM or MOJO MUSEUM, according to court papers.

In the lawsuit, Rosenblatt claims Davis and other partners never provided any money and that his life was threatened on various occasions.

Rosenblatt, now living in New York, says he's considering pursuing criminal charges against Davis.

According to the suit, between 2001 and 2003, Rosenblatt left his job, relocated to Los Angeles and loaned Davis Bundy's car and other artwork worth $20,000 (GBP11,000).

Starting around April 2002, Davis appeared on MTV and on radio referring to the museum as a "serial killer museum" and using other terminology that was contrary to the deal between Davis and Rosenblatt, say court documents.

Others became involved, including DAVID ENGLE, a friend of Davis, who offered $350,000 (GBP194,400) in exchange for a percentage of museum profits, but never provided the money, the suit says.

By March 2003, Davis suggested funding the museum via a TV or film production and then in April 2003, he brought in other financiers who suggested a stage show with bikini-clad women, the suit said.

Rosenblatt expressed no desire to change the show in that way and claims Davis refused to return the car and artifacts. The suit says Davis displayed Rosenblatt's artwork at Ozzfest, where he performed, and then subsequently offered to return the car to Rosenblatt only if he promised not to sue.

24/06/2004 01:58