The Jonas Brothers are ''gonna do it right'' this time around.

The trio - which is made up of siblings Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas - famously fell out, leading to their split in 2013 but they insist there won't be any ''second-guessing'' anymore and no more secrets.

Joe told CBS Sunday Morning: ''Yeah, we got a do-over, and I think this time around we're gonna do it right. There's not gonna be secrets between us. There's not gonna be second-guessing. We're not gonna be sitting around trying to call it off. We're gonna just keep this thing going.''

Meanwhile, Nick previously confessed he feared his brothers would ''never speak to him again'' following the split in 2013.

Joe said: ''I checked out in my mind that - that was it. There's going to be no more brothers ever.''

To which Nick added: ''And I feared that, you know, we - they would never speak to me again ... To call it creative differences is almost too simple. And I think a lot of people lost the appetite for what we were putting into the world. So, you know, we were putting up shows that weren't selling. We were making music that I don't think we were all super proud of, and it wasn't connected. So I had a very tough conversation with them where I laid it out for them. I said, 'You know, I feel like the Jonas Brothers should be no more, and we should go on individual journeys.' And it didn't go so well.''

But despite how hard it was at the time, the band think they were ''supposed'' to go through everything in order to get to where they are now.

Joe said: ''We definitely were supposed to go through all of what we went through to get to this point. I think it was, it was kind of, I guess you could say destiny, whatever it may be, but yeah, we got a do-over, and I think this time around we're going to do it right.''