Jonas Brothers star Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are struggling to find the right time to start a family - because he has looming tour and recording commitments with his siblings.
The Jonas Brothers have returned to the studio to work on new material after a hiatus, during which Kevin became the first of the trio to wed, and he admits his crazy life is about to take off again.
Promoting his new reality show Married to Jonas with wife Danielle, he admits he's having to perfect his forward planning skills fast in a bid to become a father.
He explains, "It gets a little tough. I might be like, 'Alright, so you're pregnant and you'll have a baby in September, well that means I'll be in Romania...' We have to actually think about those things and once you sign on to do something, you can't always back out."
But his wife is willing to get started right away: "I can't wait to be a mom. We're still agreeing on a number (of kids)."