The Jonas Brothers want to survive in the modern music industry.

The group - made up of siblings Joe, 29, Kevin, 31, and 26-year-old Nick - reunited this year after going on hiatus in 2013, and they have stressed the importance of updating their process and sound, rather than shying away from the way the business has changed since releasing their last album 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times' in 2009.

Nick told The Guardian: ''[We needed to reflect] the ever-changing landscape of the way music is released and how people consume it.

''We were conscious that there would always be a new wave of entertainers you can feel you're in competition with but rather than be frustrated with how quickly things change, we've chosen to lean into it.''

The 'Sucker' band are set to release their fifth record 'Happiness Begins' next week, and the trio were delighted to get to work with the likes of producer Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sir Paul McCartney) and songwriter Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry) after worrying that such big, credible names wouldn't want to collaborate.

Joe said: ''Before, when it was slowing down, we were nervous to reach out to big producers and writers, thinking they would say no to working with us.''

Meanwhile, the star also admitted he wanted to prove he could succeed without his brothers when he released his debut solo album 'Fastlife' in 2011.

He explained: ''I wanted to at least get that personal win of being able to do something on my own, which I carried for many years, just thinking: 'I can't do anything without these guys.' ''