The Jonas Brothers embarked on a two-year hiatus after struggling to come up with material for their fifth album.

The band took a break in 2010 and the siblings separated to work on solo projects, and Kevin Jonas has now revealed the hiatus was sparked by struggles in the recording studio.

He tells, "We got in the studio and we started writing and it didn't feel right. It was like, 'Ugh, it's not happening yet'. So we took some time off. We were able to say, 'Ok, this isn't right for us yet,' and that was fine."

The band regrouped in 2012 to start recording again and Jonas admits they were back on form after the long break: "We came back together and wrote (new single First Time) and then everything changed. We were like, 'Right now we know what we're looking to do. Things are a little bit different' and the focus, the album, all of it changed and it really triggered some forward progress."

Jonas reveals the currently-untitled new album, which is due for release later this year (13), features new musical influences and will "represent who we are and where we're at now".

He adds, "In the past we used influences that inspired us - the Beatles, the Jackson 5, things like that. This time around we used influences that were happening for us now, new music... We really listen to a lot of Frank Ocean, Miguel, Calvin Harris, artists that were doing something unique in the moment we were writing this album."