Jonas Blue's new album will feature a ''soulful ballad'' with Liam Payne.

The 28-year-old DJ-and-producer has been trying to get the former One Direction singer in the studio since last year and now that their schedules are finally aligned, he's planning to pitch him a meaningful track with deep lyrics hooked to a catchy dance beat.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: ''Liam has an amazing voice ... I've met with him quite a few times and he really does have an amazing voice.

''Song wise I would do something with real depth and soul ... it would be a ballad type of track but on a dance beat if that makes sense. It wouldn't be, 'Let's just find the poppiest most stick in people's heads chorus,' kind of track. It would be something that would really have depth and telling a story because he's got an amazing voice. I just feel that I would want to take him into a slightly different zone.''

And the 'Mama' hitmaker is certainly pulling out all the stops to ensure Liam, 24, jumps at the chance to collaborate as he's enlisted the help of songwriter Ed Drewett - who wrote One Direction's hits 'Steal My Girl' and 'Midnight Memories' - to pen the song.

He said: ''We have a writing dream team that we have which is me ROMANS and Ed Drewett. Ed was one of the main song writers behind One Direction and he's known Liam for a long time hence why this all happened and I was speaking to Liam and stuff like that.''

Fans have been treated to a new summer smasher on Friday (25.05.18) s Jonas has dropped his new song 'Rise' with American duo Jack & Jack.

'Rise' is available to stream and buy from now.