Jonas Blue says his hectic life as a DJ has made it hard to hold down a relationship.

The 'Mama' hitmaker would love to find the girl of his dreams but finds it difficult to keep up in contact with girls because he's a workaholic and is either on the road or making music in the studio.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard newspaper, he said: ''I am single and the lifestyle definitely takes its toll on that side of your life. It's definitely hard to have relationships.

''When your life moves so quickly, people generally want replies on messenger apps and sometimes I don't get back to people for two or three weeks.

''It's mainly just down to how busy my life is, but I'm doing my best. I would love to find someone.''

The 27-year-old hunk - whose real name is Guy Robin - is always chasing new artists to collaborate with from Katy Perry to the One Direction lads.

And while his love life might be non-existent, his collaborations keep coming as he's said to be getting together with Shawn Mendes for a track on his debut album.

The producer recently released a compilation LP 'Electronic Nature - The Mix 2017', but he is hard at work on his first ever record and is waiting for the 'Treat You Better' to have a free slot to head into the studio with him.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jonas said: ''I'm in talks with Shawn Mendes, we spoke the other night and we're trying to make something happen but it's always schedule dependent.

''We just need to find the right date. I want to get in the studio with Shawn, doing it remotely doesn't really work with an artist like Shawn.

''I need to know where he's coming from and he needs to know where I'm coming from, we need to be in the same room together sharing the experience.''