Sony is considering making a '21 Jump Street' and 'Men In Black' crossover film.

Leaked emails, seen by The Wall Street Journal, show the studio is weighing up the idea of releasing a film that fuses the two franchises together in 2016 or 2017.

In one of the emails, Sony's Motion Picture Chief Amy Pascal said: ''We don't have a script yet so we'll be greenlighting the movie off the concept and the talent involved.''

Jonah Hill - who featured in '21 Jump Street' and '22 Jump Street', this year's sequel - responded enthusiastically to the suggestion.

He wrote: ''jump street merging with mib i think that's clean and rad and powerful. (sic)''

Although Jonah is keen to appear in the film, it appears that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have yet to agree to participate.

However, 'Jump Street' directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have agreed to produce, and may even direct, the film should the plans come to fruition.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Sony and Marvel Studios have held discussions over a 'Spider-Man' and 'Captain America' crossover.

Sony staged talks with Marvel about the possibility of Peter Parker featuring in 'Captain America: Civil War', but the discussions broke down.