Jonah Hill is busily writing new movies whilst he's self-quarantining.

The 36-year-old movie star has revealed he's maintaining a creative and productive lifestyle at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an Instagram video message, Jonah explained: ''I am spending this time creating ... My weapons of choice are very simple: notecard, pen, cardboard, thoughts. That's it. I am writing movies during this time.''

Then, Johah explained how he approaches writing movies.

The Hollywood star revealed that he breaks his films down into different acts.

He shared: ''I am rewriting a movie now and we have it boarded out - act one, act two, act three ... then we have my favourite part which is the flavour bin.''

Jonah explained that his so-called ''flavour bin'' is where ''you take all of your crazy ideas, you put 'em on the flavour bin, and you see where they fit within your story''.

He added: ''I love movies, I love creating. I want us to use this time to make stuff.''

Meanwhile, Jonah previously revealed he's thankful he's been given the freedom to ''blossom''.

The actor - who has made his directorial debut with 'Mid90s' in 2018 - is grateful to his friends and family for allowing him to openly discuss his own vulnerabilities.

He explained: ''As I've grown up as a human being, and have had the emotional maturity and confidence to become a filmmaker, [I've reflected on] how I learned to communicate as a man and why that was problematic.

''I was taught and maybe culturally we were taught at that time, if you're a man and you express your feelings or you express that something hurts you, then you should be made fun of. And that kind of repression leads to anger, and anger leads to bad behaviour.''