Jonah Hill has offered to ''fill in'' for Justin Timberlake on his cancelled tour dates.

The 'SexyBack' singer announced earlier this week he was scrapping the remainder of his 2018 live shows due to bruised vocal chords but now the 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor has volunteered to step in so fans aren't left disappointed.

Commenting on Justin's Instagram post announcing the disappointing news, Jonah wrote: ''I have decided to fill in for JT on his remaining dates.

''It's what we do in our incredibly small circle of people with extraordinary voices. Feel better. I got you until you do.''

The 37-year-old singer postponed a number of shows in October and last week, he shelved his show at Los Angeles' Staples Centre due to his medical woes, before announcing a few days ago that doctors had told him to take a complete break from performing to allow him time to heal.

He wrote on Instagram: ''Hey guys, I'm sure you have heard that I've had to postpone several tour dates due to bruised vocal cords. My vocal cords are healing, but they are not all the way back to normal, so my doctors want me to continue to rest my voice. They have asked me to hold off on singing until next month.

''I'm really sorry, I want to be back on the stage and I am doing all I can to get there quickly. Thank you for understanding -- I see all of your posts and I appreciate the support and the love. I look forward to coming back stronger than I was before. More to come on the rescheduled dates. (sic)''

The 'Cry Me a River' hitmaker had eight remaining dates scheduled for December, and he is due to return to his tour in the new year on January 4 in Washington.