Jonah Hill is starting to ''work professionally'' as a photographer.

The 35-year-old actor has already tried his hand at several other professions including directing, producing, and screenwriting, but he's now revealed his ''love'' for photography, and says he's beginning to take his ''private'' passion to a commercial level.

In a post on Instagram, the 'Maniac' star wrote: ''I love photography. I've been doing it for years privately and am starting to work professionally. I have decided to start sharing some photos with you all. Hope you enjoy, if not, that's cool too.''

Jonah then went on to share professionally snapped shots of the likes of Kim Kardashian West from her husband Kanye West's album release party last Spring, as well as a picture of rapper 2 Chainz from the same event, and a snap of 'Superbad' co-star Michael Cera in a stairwell with actor Lucas Hedges, which was taken in New York City.

The photos come after Jonah recently revealed he has also developed a new passion for jiu jitsu, after originally being put off from training when he was beaten up by other kids in his school who were skilled in the martial art.

He wrote on social media last week: ''I started Brazilian Jiu Jitzu 2 months ago and try and train 4 or 5 times a week. In high school the dudes who did Jiu Jitzu used to beat the s**t out of us at parties so it turned me off to it as an idea growing up. But quietly I always thought it was a beautiful art form .

''At 35 , I try and get over the stuff that made me feel weak and insecure as a teenager. It's just wasted time and lessons you'll never learn. Trying to let go of that.

''Nothing more humbling than getting your ass kicked by a 12 year old your first week . Got my first stripe today. I know it sounds corny but it's pretty dope to jump in and do stuff you'd never think you'd be able to do. Much respect to Sensai Josh and @clockworkbjj and Anthony for getting me into it (sic)''