Jonah Hill has splashed out almost $7 million on a new home.

The 35-year-old actor - who recently got engaged to marketing professional Gianna Santos after just over a year of dating - has bought a new $6.77 million home in the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles, according to Variety.

Jonah snapped up Jesse Jo Stark's Colonial-style residence, which she paid $4.6 million for less than five years ago.

The 3,102 sq. ft home - built in the 1950s - sits on .28 acres and features a pool, spa, two-car garage, patio and a large balcony.

Jonah's engagement was confirmed by his representatives after Gianna was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger during a romantic stroll with the actor in New York this week.

Meanwhile, Jonah previously spoke about fiercely guarding his privacy and said he often appeared mean in interviews because he was so insecure.

He told ''I don't know. It's not like I enjoy being famous very much. I love getting to make things, and it's all been leaning towards getting to make my film, which I'm so proud of. But I don't really love attention or being out there that much; I like to get to make things.

''And also, I'm very sensitive and so sometimes when you're sensitive - especially when I was so young - I would get hurt really easily and then I would come off as mean.

''It's kind of hard to put yourself out there, especially when you grow up in front of everybody and make all your dumb mistakes in front of everybody.

''I mean look, I was a very insecure young man, and people were incredibly mean to me throughout my whole career, they still are. I'm sensitive, and my reaction to that often was to be a jerk back.

''And also, people always want me to be funny, and I love being funny, but I also have other parts of my personality I guess.

''You grow up a little bit, and you start to learn about yourself and how you feel and gain your esteem from various places that have nothing to do with show business and stuff like that. And then you can look back at yourself and go oh man; most people get to be an idiot growing up privately.

''Not like poor me by any means but definitely, people picked on me and I was sensitive and maybe wasn't always kind back and I can own up to that.''