Jonah Hill struggled to focus on the first day of filming new comedy GET HIM TO THE GREEK after his co-star Sean Combs insisted on showing the actor how to party like a superstar.
In the movie, a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hill plays a record company intern who is assigned by his boss (Combs) to look after Russell Brand's wild rock star character Aldous Snow.
Rapper Combs decided to treat the Superbad star to a trip to Las Vegas on the eve of shooting - and the comedian admits he was left exhausted after a weekend in the life of the music mogul.
He says, "Diddy wanted to show me this (rock star) experience first hand before we started shooting, so we went to Vegas the weekend before we started shooting, and if you're gonna spend the next four months as the lead of a new movie, you should probably spend the three days before resting, instead of partying with Puff Daddy.
"It's very surreal, you have to pretend to be a lot cooler than you are, for me!"
But Hill was not quite prepared for some of Combs' odd antics.
He explains, "I brought some friends from college with me, and he brought some of his friends. We're in this nightclub, having this really genuine conversation and he'd suddenly stand up and pull out a microphone and say, 'Bad Boy' to the whole nightclub, in the middle of the conversation! So I was like, I guess we'll finish this later...!'"