Funnyman Jonah Hill has no regrets about his 2006 arrest for urinating in a public place - because he would rather risk a run-in with the law than face the embarrassment of soiling himself.
The Superbad star was held up in heavy traffic one night in Los Angeles, so decided to relieve himself in an alleyway.
Cops spotted Hill committing the crime and he was taken into custody.
But the actor is adamant he did nothing wrong and he would do it all over again if he found himself stuck in a similar sticky situation.
Hill tells Britain's FHM magazine, "(It's) my deep dark secret. I was literally just in traffic - there's so much traffic in L.A. - and I needed to pee so bad and I was not going to make it to a bathroom, so I just pulled into this alley and started peeing.
"Then all of a sudden two cop cars were behind me and I got arrested for urinating in public. I couldn't go home to my girlfriend with urine-covered pants. I'd rather come home arrested than with pee in my pants."