Hollywood heart-throb LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has been rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a madwoman slashed his face with a broken beer bottle.

The GANGS OF NEW YORK superstar needed urgent treatment and 12 stitches to his celebrated features after the horrific attack, which occurred as the actor was leaving producer RICK SALOMON's party at 4am on Friday (17JUN05).

And DiCaprio narrowly dodged an early death, as the bottle-wielding maniac nearly tore through a vital artery near his ear.

Actor Jonah Blechman, who was at the scene, told a friend, "Leo's been attacked. She smashed his face in and we rushed to help."

DiCaprio's publicist KEN SUNSHINE says of the crazed attacker, "(She had) been repeatedly asked to leave the property.

"She was reportedly looking for an ex-boyfriend, who she'd apparently physically assaulted on prior occasions.

"Law enforcement authorities have now begun a criminal investigation into the matter."

19/06/2005 14:01