Veteran actor Jon Voight is determined to repair his relationship with daughter Angelina Jolie.

The MIDNIGHT COWBOY star hasn't spoken to the superstar since he upset her after telling American chat show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD she was suffering from "severe emotional problems" last year (02) .

The TOMB RAIDER star responded furiously, banning him from seeing her three-year-old adopted son MADDOX and announcing her relationship with Voight was over.

But a year on, the 64-year-old is confident he can build bridges with his estranged daughter.

He says, "A lot of things have been said but the most important thing to say is that I love Angie.

"As anyone will tell you, she is the most delightful person and I'm her number one fan.

"One hopes that whatever has happened in the past, we will have years of happiness ahead.

"Whatever I have said or done, her well-being had always been in the forefront of my mind and everything I've ever done has been towards her happiness.

"I was just reading in PEOPLE magazine and that she's been visiting refugee children. She also has a book, NOTES FROM MY TRAVELS, which is going to be published soon. It's very well written and moving to read."

24/10/2003 17:27