Actor Jon Voight is thrilled with his Emmy Award nomination but insists any celebration won't be complete until he's reunited with his estranged daughter Angelina Jolie and met his new granddaughter. The DELIVERANCE star, who is Emmy nominated for his performance as POPE JOHN PAUL II in the TV movie of the same name, admits he's disappointed that he hasn't been introduced to baby SHILOH NOUVEL, who is almost two months old, yet. Voight and Jolie had a public falling out three years ago (03) after the actor talked about his fears for the actress' mental health in a TV interview, and they haven't spoken since. Speaking to US news show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, where Voight voiced his initial concerns about his daughter, the actor says, "I certainly would have thought that we would have returned to love (and) been able to express our love and devotion to each other before this, but it'll be around the corner, I'm sure of it."