Veteran actor Jon Voight never remarried because he wanted to devote his time to daughter Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven.

Voight divorced Jolie and Haven's mother MARCHELINE BERTRAND in 1978, when his children were still toddlers.

It was nearly two decades before he reunited with Jolie, and they starred together in the first Tomb Raider movie in 2001.

But Jolie severed ties with her father after he accused her of having "serious mental problems" following her 2002 split from second husband BILLY BOB THORNTON.

Voight says, "I love my children. I never remarried, because I want to always be available to them. I've never really been devoted to them.

"But now I've had to take a good look at the mistakes I've made and make some sort of reparation for the damage I've caused."

Haven has also blasted his dad for not supporting his movie career, but Voight hopes to change all of that by starring alongside both Haven and Jolie in a movie.

06/08/2004 09:29