Jon Voight thinks Megan Fox is as "sexy" as his daughter Angelina Jolie.

The Hollywood veteran - who has been estranged from the 34-year-old star for several years - thinks recent comparisons between the 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' starlet and Angelina are fair because they are both stunning women.

He told Life and Style Weekly magazine: "Everybody is unique. They're both very beautiful and they're both kind of sexy girls."

However, the 70-year-old actor believes Megan should embark on a charitable lifestyle if she wants to fully emulate his daughter's way of life.

He explained: "Maybe Megan will start doing the things that Angelina is so well known for. Angelina is obviously known for her helping with kids and concern for others. I think that would be wonderful for all of the kids if Megan were to do the same. Megan can do a lot of good, so that would be great."

Meanwhile, Megan - who claims she is currently single - has revealed she "recklessly" got a tattoo of her on/off boyfriend Brian Austin Green's name.

She said: "I have the name Brian tattooed on my body. I'm a little reckless every once in a while.

"But at the same time it's so easy to get tattoos removed now. Plus, it's such a light, small and delicate tattoo. I've looked into getting it removed just out of curiosity and it would only be $200 to remove."